How to Survive Summer Heat?


The summer nowadays never comes without its main guest which is a heat wave. Even the cooler areas of the country are not spared from it to the full extent. These cold areas usually do not have air conditioning systems and the sudden heat waves make the life of people tough and challenging.

However, even with an air conditioning system the process of beating the adverse effects of heat is quite complex. You can avoid those adverse effects by opting for the right strategies. Some of which have been enlisted in this article. So to learn more about those strategies of surviving summer heat, keep reading.

1.Install and Repair Air Conditioner

During summers, fans alone can not do the work of keeping the temperature of the house to a bearable limit. You need to have a proper cooling system in place. So, make sure that you get the air conditioning services every year before the start of the summer to avoid any hassle during the season. The peak of the season comes with a lot of problems. And you do not want those problems to double up due to the lack of a functional air conditioner.

2.Spray Yourself With Cold Water

It is the most feasible way to avoid the heat. People who have to work outside in the heat can use this tactic to ward off the heat. You can keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator overnight and can use it throughout the day to give you a cool feeling. However, as soon as the water evaporates the cooling effect is gone. This is not an effective step for a long time but it can help you cool down the blood flowing rapidly through your veins due to high heat and prevent any heat strokes.

3.Wear Cooling Fabrics

Fabrics also play a crucial part in maintaining the temperature of the body to normal. Some colors of the fabric attract light. For that, one must avoid wearing dark colors like black because such colors trap heat. Wear light colors that repel heat. Also, wear fabric that helps you stay cool such as synthetic fabrics. Such a fabric allows the passage of air through the cloth and keeps you a bit cool. You can also wear loose clothes which are not attached to the body and assist in evaporation. Wearing light colors is the right choice during summer.

4.Stay Hydrated

Summer heat is so killing that it drains the body of its necessary moisture which can be only maintained by having a proper intake of water. Even, merely the water can not do the justice. You need to drink fresh juices to maintain the required amounts of nutrients in the body. Besides that, avoid the usage of beverages that are high in sugar or caffeine, as both are dehydrating. You can also eat fruits rich in water content like watermelon. Staying hydrated is the ultimate step to maintaining a healthy body during the summer heat.