Ensuring Safety When Riding With A Pillion

Your two-wheeler is an ideal, cost-effective way to travel over short distances. There are, however, some safety guidelines and precautions to follow when riding a two-wheeler with someone seated in the back seat. Ensuring safety when riding with a pillion means not only keeping a watchful eye on your passenger but also remembering to renew your bike insurance for added protection on the road.

Let’s look at some safety precautions you should take when riding a bike with a passenger.

What Does A Two-Wheeler’s Pillion Rider Mean?

A pillion rider is a person who rides a bike while sitting behind the driver. Therefore, this individual sits behind the bike while the rider rides it, not the driver.

Safe Two-Wheeler Riding Tips For Pillion Riders

The following safety precautions should be followed when riding with a pillion:

  1. A Helmet Is Required

The rider and passenger must wear ISI-marked high-quality helmets, and only two people can ride a two-wheeler at a time – no exceptions.

  1. Carry All Bike Paperwork

You must always carry essential bike documents to avoid penalties, including a possible six-month jail term. Required documents include:

  • Driving License (DL)
  • A valid certificate of registration (RC)
  • A third-party bike insurance policy is the bare minimum you should have; comprehensive online insurance for bikes is preferable.
  • PUC, or your two-wheeler’s Pollution Under Control certificate (not required for electric bikes)
  1. When Riding, The Pillion Should Be Attentive

Pillion bike riders do not have the luxury of napping while driving, unlike those in four-wheelers. Because the passenger may fall and cause an accident if they dozed off, the pillion rider must remain conscious and awake the entire time.

  1. When Riding, Pay Attention To The Road

Road safety in India is a top priority due to numerous traffic accidents. To protect lives, both the rider and pillion must stay focused on the road.

  1. Pillion Should Refrain From Needless Conversations With The Rider

This is yet another crucial consideration for pillion riders. It is preferable to avoid causing distractions to the rider or driver of the two-wheeler so that they can maintain their concentration while operating the vehicle.

  1. Pillion Has To Refrain From Moving Needlessly

Pillion riders must avoid unnecessary movements on bikes to prevent accidents, unlike in cars. It’s essential to maintain balance and not distract the driver.

  1. The Pillion Shouldn’t Lean Over The Driver

Furthermore, the pillion rider must avoid leaning on the rider in the lead as this could result in imbalance and an accident.

Pillion riders must adhere to the advice above to ensure the safety of both the driver and the pillion. Additionally, make sure to purchase comprehensive online insurance for the bike plan. This will cover your costs in an accident or other mishap and assist if damage is done to your bike, driver, or passenger. Before hitting the road with a pillion passenger, make sure to calculate the appropriate coverage for your bike insurance using a bike insurance calculator to ensure comprehensive protection. *

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