Can Double side Tape be removed

double side tape

Double side tape is an extremely useful product but can be very difficult to remove. However there are some tips that can be helpful when trying to remove double side tape from a variety of different surfaces.

Doors and walls

A hairdryer is one way to remove double side tape from doors and walls that stubbornly refuses to move. Turn the plugged-in hairdryer to a high or medium setting and hold it a couple of inches away from the stuck tape while in use, giving particular use to the corners and edges to soften the glue.

Put the hairdryer to one side after a few minutes and try using your fingernail, a pallet or a butter knife to pick at one corner of the tape. The majority of the tape should be able to be pulled off easily at this point, though the hairdryer may need to be used a little more.

If you are still left with remaining residue after the tape has been removed, use a scouring pad dipped in warm soapy water to buff the surface, but do not use commercial cleaners. Instead any residue should be washed with soap, vinegar and water to create a mild cleansing solution.

Another alternative for removing residue is a magic eraser, which should be dampened with water and then use to buff the specific area until the entire residue has been removed. However these erasers are slightly abrasive, so they are not recommended for use with polished or glass surfaces.


Heat cannot be used to remove double side tape that is stuck to a window or the result could be cracked glass. Anything too abrasive also risks scratching the glass, so the tape will have to instead be dissolved with the use of oil.

Supplies that will be required for this task are a butter knife, sponge and glass scrub, rubbing alcohol, window cleaner and either cooking or cleaning oil such as mineral oil.

Try to take off as much as the tape as you can and then spray it with window cleaner. Those who do not have window cleaner could make their own with water, vinegar and liquid soap. The soaked area should then be buffed with a sponge with the use of small, circular motions to dislodge sticky residue.

If the tape will still not come off try saturating it with either cooking or cleaning oil and then buff it with a glass-safe sponge. A soft cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol will then remove the oil residue without leaving any marks.

Other surfaces

To remove double side tape from paper, a hairdryer is again recommended. Point the nozzle at the tape while on a medium or high setting and blow on it, and then try peeling it off after a couple of minutes.

Nail polish remover or acetone can be useful for unpainted surfaces, as can alcohol with plastic.

The type of surface that double side tape has been stuck to will determine the best way to remove it, and some trial and error could be involved.