Boat Wedding – An Unforgettable Celebration in Barcelona

A wedding on a boat is a great idea, filled with pure romance. “Boat Rental Barcelona” offers to organize an event at the highest level. You can expect:

  • High-quality wedding photos;
  • Delicious dishes;
  • Excellent music for the wedding celebration;
  • High-level service.

All the guests will be able to enjoy exquisite cuisine and an interesting entertainment program, making the boat wedding in Barcelona simply unforgettable.


Several special offers are available for those who wish to celebrate their event on a boat, which can be learned in more detail on the company’s official website.

It is worth noting that for each package, if desired, you can change the conditions, for example, extend the boat rental time, etc. All conditions will be discussed with the customer in advance.

Off-site Marriage Registration

A boat is the perfect banquet hall for off-site marriage registration of two lovers. Warm romantic memories that a yacht-hosted celebration will provide will remain in memory forever.

The vessel will be decorated with a flower arch. If desired, such decorative elements as balloons and flowers can be added.

All the wishes of the newlyweds will be taken into account by the company’s employees when organizing the celebration. The route is also planned individually. The company’s employees are ready to offer you the most romantic wedding scenarios, and you will be able to make all your dreams come true. Especially touching will be a wedding in the evening when the lights from the lanterns will reflect in the water.

Cost of the Event

The price of organizing the celebration, taking into account all expenses, is calculated individually in each case, depending on the package of services provided by the company. It should be noted that the cost will include: the number of guests who will be present at the wedding; the menu for the celebration; the entertainment program; and other aspects.

Make up your mind to organize the most romantic event of your life, which “Boat Rental Barcelona” is ready to offer. The firm guarantees a high level of the entire wedding celebration, which will leave only warm and pleasant memories in the minds of the newlyweds as well as the guests.